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This is probably one of the best rats map...Hum...No... It is one of the best CS map, ever!

It reaches this status because:
- it's flawless,
- The setting is original and perfectly rendered,
- The are a lot of tricks and secret passages to discover which allow a great game-play diversity,
- It is more beautiful than many CSS map,
- Both snipers and mid-range combat lovers will enjoy equally this map. Thanks go the perfect layout.

Download it now, even if you do not have CS.

The best map for the best frags!

Note: the archive includes a PoDBOT nav file.

An optimized .NAV file by PtitLoup (site) exists. It is included in the archive.

Spawn point Archive size Uncompressed size
? 5.3 MB 10.2 MB

Added 2008/2/7

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